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Isis hangs “Spies” from meat hooks & slaughters them like animals

In a new video released by Isis titled “The Making of Illusion”, shows men accused of being “US spies” herded into a slaughterhouse like cattle and then one by one are sliced across the throat, letting them bleed out like animals being slaughtered. Once done with that, Isis then hangs the men by meat hooks. And the scumbag award of all time goes to Isis.

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  • Bertdanger

    This is by far, the most most brutal and horror film like video of ISIS murders I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen many many of these things and this was truly out of a horror film. How these killers can do this to these obviously very young men is beyond me. Do they not fear going to hell someday for their actions? Plus, these young men look to be starved as how could one guy carry two grown men at once unless they were suffering extreme malnutrition. So to be starved nearly to death, then to be slaughtered like animals, then hung on hooks is insane. I can only imagine the terror of the last guys killed. Their screaming souls are now haunting these murder’s and trust me, the men who killed the young men will go crazy someday. I normally do not wish ill upon anywone but for these specific murderers, they deserve to rot in hell for eternity.