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Isis executes 6 men with shotgun blasts to the head & be-headings

In a new video released by the Islamic State from the Wilayat Ninawa media center in the Nineveh region of Iraq, three alleged agents of the “Mosul Brigade” are executed for anti-Isis graffiti. Three other men are later beheaded on spying charges.
The Mosul Brigade, called “Kataeb al-Mosul” in Arabic, are a local armed resistance. Their methods for attacking Isis goes way beyond graffiti.They’re also known to use snipers, IEDs, and other weapons to attack ISIS militant. The executions are presented in a brutal slow motion sequence.
After the 3 men are executed, three more men on their knees are charged with spying against the Islamic State and are beheaded on a road.

  • Oshasha Treshashu

    Damn that slo mo tho😂