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***EXTREMELY GRAPHIC*** Murder Of A Woman

A very graphic and disturbing video shows the murder of a woman by some very evil cunts. No info as to where this took place or when.

This video is very graphic in nature, you have been warned!

  • Inc.

    Cartel type shit. Nothing new. A God damn shame but nothing new. I’m sure she suffered like a mother fucker to.

    • Ali Z

      I wonder what she did. At least they didn’t take a dump on her forehead like they did the other girl

      • Carol Brady

        I meant which video you referring to where they take a dump on someones forehead?

  • Carol Brady

    ali which other video are you referring to?

    • Ali Z

      They must have shortened the video or something.

  • BlackTar100 .

    Oh lovely, one of those latin american cultures that “LOVE” women so much. What sick fucks.

    • Manny Rey

      u next u cunt

      • BlackTar100 .

        Are you talking about yourself…..CUNT?

  • herring


  • Kane Ghostblood

    There is a couple things am thinking of: one, I wonder If this has, anything to be with cheating? Or two, Drugs cartel business?

    • Jason Williams


  • Craig Martin

    This isn’t Drug Cartel work at all..They arent sloppy and unsophisticated like these pieces of shit..These are just inbreds who kill because it’s a women and they can,especially in that God forsaken shit hole part of the world.

  • Richiekr

    I’m thinking it could be an island/jungle(looked like sand)may be columbia/brazil area where its lawless!And I’l be willing to bet she was still a child and they all raped her!!! I hope to god they caught the fuckers and cut off their balls with the same DULL ass blades…then hung them by their anuses with meat hooks from palm trees on the beach…selling DULL ass machete swings @ free of charge!!!PUSSY MOTHER FUCKERS!!!

    • Ali Z

      they are beyond incompetent, she is still breathing…well, struggling to breath, between the 1:20 and 1:30 mark, after all that bullshit they did before hand. They will be burning in Hell, that gives me a little comfort.

      • You are now breathing manually

        If there is a hell….

  • PrincessCadance

    Rape victim probably. Poor chick, they even made her death torture.

    • Ali Z

      yet it made my dick hard

  • Ali Z

    not gonna lie…got my peepee hard

  • Hans W

    im brazilian and id say its because of something they would call x9, when you give information or have some kind of relation to the police… and this a re probably drug dealers…

  • Jollyboy John

    They’re struggling to get that head off

  • Hunnedboundhound

    They say god is all places at all times..
    Please prove that to me…you have 60 seconds. ..go..

  • Hunnedboundhound

    Guess i gotta say it twice

  • Hunnedboundhound

    Maybe three times

  • Hunnedboundhound

    Four times

  • Hunnedboundhound

    5 times?

  • Hunnedboundhound

    6 times?

  • Estoy Muyansio

    why didn’t they fuck her first?


    3.5 Ahkbars

  • natural selection of mankind