Two men kidnapped & found dead11

Two men found murdered…rotting & dumped near a lagoon

Two bodies were found this morning between mangroves, at the entrance to a beach in the Venezuelan city of Puerto Caballo. The two men, Juan Francisco Cortés, 18 and Jean Carlos Espina, 19, were arrested early Monday by unidentified police officers after being caught red-handed stealing from a upscale neighborhood shop.
A relative of Cortez and a woman who only gave her first name Silvana, assured NAD the two young men were captured by police in uniform although none were really identified. It was assumed that the men were kidnapped by people posing as cops. He also said that his friends were taken away in police units and allegedly beaten to death..
The two rotting bodies were found at a entrance to a local beach & lagoon. Both victims had their hand tied.
Relatives identified their bodies and had funerals for both brothers.
Police are still investigating.