Notorious criminal shot dead1

A notorious gunman in the region of Jaguaribe…executed

The most feared gunman, local legend & criminal in the region around the city of Jaguaribe was executed by several shotgun blasts to the head. The gunman who’s name was John Andrew Warrior (Claudio), aka shaman. He was the second most wanted criminal in the region & had a heavy police rap sheet. He was known for several murders in the area along with bank & atm machine robberies.
The notorious gunman’s most recent crime included the death of his father William Diogenes Cintra in which he slaughtered by decapitating him and then throwing his head and body in the canal of Jaguaribara. A real nice guy huh? Somebody somewhere got tired of his exploits and put a couple of shotgun rounds into his head, ending his bloody gunman criminal legacy. His crime partner next to him (I’m guessing) got the same justice he did, a couple of shotgun blasts to the head.