Machete Attack From Hell !

A man identified as Reginaldo Santos de Jesus, 25, aka Bada, broke into the house of his ex-wife and received several machete blows, around 1:30 p.m., Saturday 15th 2014 in Itabela-BA.
IMG-20141115-WA0070 (1)
According to reports, Bada received blows to the head, arms and various body parts. He walked to the Frei Ricardo Hospital, and received treatments. According to information from the hospital, the man lost his hand. The man was transferred by ambulance to the regional hospital Eunápolis, where he will undergo surgery. The Military Police was at the victim’s home and found blood stains all over the floor. Police are investigating the incident.
Listen people, don’t go breaking into your ex ole ladies place. I don’t care if she gave the best head in the world, it’s not worth what this guy got.

  • Fuck I bet that hurts !!!

    • SicMonster666

      I bet his adrenaline was sky high.

  • TWICE!!!!